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About us


Izdavačka knjižarnica Zorana Stojanovića was founded in the year 1989, and was, at that time, among the first privately founded publishing house in ex/Yugoslavia. The program of the publishing house was conceived as editing books in the area of humanistic sciences, be it the translations or works written by Serbian authors. It has turned out that 70% of our publications have been translations, mostly from the French and German language. Also, one of the aims of our publishing house is to promote quality literature and that is why we have started the library of European classics.

Bearing in mind the fact that good translations are of crucial importance for the quality of books, we are paying much attention to their professional editing. The quality of our translations has been confirmed through numerous prizes that they have won: five “Milos Djuric” prizes for the best translation and three “Aleksandar Spasic” prizes for the best translation in the area of humanistic sciences, as well as several "Branko Jelic" award for the best translation from the French language.  Also, four of our titles have been awarded the prize for the best book of the year in the field of humanistic sciences by Radio Belgrade 2. Apart from that, our author Cedomir Popov has won the prize “Svetozar Markovic” for the best book in the field of journalism.



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